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Frequently Asked Questions

What services does 1-800-PAINTING or 1-800-WE- PAINT Provide?
We provide you with 1-800-PAINTING or 1-800-WE-PAINT as your phone number for an affordable monthly fee. You choose the area codes that you do business in, and our state-of-the-art technology routes every 1-800-PAINTING or 1-800-WE-PAINT call made from within those area codes to your telephone. In addition to the exclusive rights to use 1-800-PAINTING or 1-800-WE-PAINT in your area, we provide the following benefits:
  1. Free Marketing Plan with specifications for using 1-800-PAINTING in ads, billboards, etc.
  2. Call Detail Reports that show the time, date and length of each call, along with the caller's telephone number, city and state, allowing you to track the results of your advertising.
What other benefits will I receive?

You will receive a free marketing plan showing you how to cut your overall advertising costs by 2/3 while, at the same time, increasing ad response.

This marketing plan contains specifications for advertising your 1-800-PAINTING or 1-800-WE-PAINT phone number on:

  • Newspaper Ads
  • Yellow Page Ads
  • Billboards
  • Transit Ads
What is an Overlay Area Code? Does it cost extra?

An Overlay Area Code is an area code that has been added to the same geographic area as a pre-existing area code, with all pre-existing phone customers retaining the original area code. New telephone customers for local phone service, cellular and paging services, alarms, etc. may be assigned telephone numbers in the new overlay area code.

When you purchase the exclusive rights to 1-800-PAINTING or 1-800-WE-PAINT for an area code that has an overlay, the overlay area code is automatically included. You do NOT have to purchase the rights for the overlay area code separately.

When I sell my business can I transfer my rights to the buyer?

Absolutely! 1-800-PAINTING helps you build equity in your business by creating an instantly recognizable brand. Both the number and the equity it builds become assets of your business, making it more valuable and able to command a higher sales price.

What are the costs?

Monthly fees vary. Call 661-857-3554 to check pricing in your area. It’s typically around $200 per month which includes up to 2 area codes that you service. If you service a wider or a more popular area with multiple area codes, the price per additional area code is negotiated, at a deep discount, depending on the amount of area codes needed.

If I get the rights to 1-800-PAINTING for my area, am I allowed to use it in my advertising?

Yes you are. In fact, we strongly encouraged it. Our free marketing plan even helps you get the most out of 1-800-PAINTING by giving you marketing ideas and providing specifications for print ads and billboards. You'll also find that coupons and specials work far better with 1-800-PAINTING as your phone number.

I'm ready to sign-up. What do I have to do to secure the rights to 1-800-PAINTING or 1-800-WE-PAINT in my area codes?

Great choice! Call 661-857-3554 or Pricing & Availability Page. We are certain that 1-800-PAINTING and 1-800-WE-PAINT will help you dramatically increase sales and profits.

I already get a lot of business from word of mouth and my ads. Right now it doesn't cost anything when customers call me. Why should I pay for calls from people within my area code?

1-800-PAINTING enables you to create a brand that people will remember -- just like 1-800-FLOWERS or 1-800-COLLECT. How easy do you think it is for people to remember the phone number you have now? Imagine if you could advertise 1-800-PAINTING instead.

Now people have to look you up -- and when they do, they're bound to see ads for your competition. 1-800-PAINTING keeps your customers out of the yellow pages because they remember your phone number and just call it!

How long is the agreement? How much will the cost increase over time? Could I ever lose the number?

The agreement is for one year and it automatically renews unless YOU cancel it. We can never cancel your rights to 1-800-PAINTING unless you stop paying your bill. That means 1-800-PAINTING is yours to keep for as long as you want.

Our contract with you states that your monthly fee will not increase during the first two years. After that, no yearly increase can ever be more than the increase in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for that year.

How do I know that I'm getting all the calls that originate within my market area?

Our technology requires it. When you purchase the exclusive rights to use 1-800-PAINTING or 1-800-WE-PAINT in your area codes, all calls originating from those area codes are automatically guaranteed to go to your phone.

Do I need a new phone line or any new equipment?

No! Our technology automatically routes all calls to your existing phone number (or any number you choose). Best of all, the routing is invisible to the callers. They dial 1-800-PAINTING or 1-800-WE-PAINT and you answer. It's that simple!

Can I get the exclusive rights to 1-800-PAINTING in more than one area code?

Yes. Call 661-857-3554 or view our Pricing & Availability Pageto inquire about availability in your region.