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Reasons To Join

  • Dramatically Increase Sales.

    1-800-PAINTING Network Phone Number tells customers exactly what you do. Customers are 14 times more likely to remember our numbers. Make sure it's YOU they call.

  • Effective Affordable Advertising.

    The cost of a 1-800-PAINTING Network Phone Number is less than most print ads or Web listings. Customers remember your number without having to look you up where they could easily find your competition.

  • Beat Your Competition.

    Own the exclusive rights to a 1-800-PAINTING Network Phone Number for your market area before the competition.

  • Free Marketing Plan

    Our complete marketing plan is absolutely free and has specifications for advertising and marketing your 1-800-PAINTING Network phone number on:

  • Truck signs
  • Jop Signs
  • Billboards
  • Newspaper and Print Ads
  • Trade Association Newsletters and emails
  • Trade Show Booths
  • Exclusive Rights in Your Area

    BUILD EQUITY IN YOUR BUSINESS - Owning the exclusive rights in your designated area helps build equity in your business. When you sell your business the rights to 1-800-PAINTING and 1-800-WE-PAINT are transferable.